Le Moulin de Buffière, Terms and conditions

1/ Duration of the stay

This contract is concluded for a fixed term. In no circumstances the customer  will be able to claim any right to maintain in the property.

2/ Validation of a reservation

The stays are guaranteed only by the reception of a deposit and deductible from the invoice upon your arrival. The deposits are cashed upon receipt. Deposit requested:

  • For rooms: 30€ or 30% deposit by room booked /one night in case of reservation more than 4 months before
  • For holiday cottages and groups reservations: 30 % of the amount of the accommodation

Payment by bank transfer

The reservation will become definitive only after reception of this deposit. The payment of a deposit involves the acceptance of the present general terms of sale.
The balance is to be paid on the spot in cash or by check.
We accept Holiday vouchers for 50 % of the amount of the accommodation for minimum 2 consecutives nights

For the holiday cottage and the groups a 400€ deposit will be asked on arrival and given back at the end of stay, deduction made of possible damages

3/ Room Prices

The price of the rooms is  fixed by the owner who is free to consent to the customer any discount or tariff advantage and to differentiate the price of the rooms according to the distribution channel according to the article 133 of the law of August 6, 2015 ending at the tariff parity (see extract below) “Art. L. 311-5-1. – …… .. the hotelkeeper retains the freedom to consent to the customer any discount or tariff advantage, of any nature whatsoever, any clause to the contrary being deemed unwritten “

4/ Cancellation

By the customer

  • In case of cancellation more than 40 days before the date of arrival, the deposit will be refunded in full within one month of the date of cancellation
  • In case of cancellation less than 40 days before the date of arrival, this deposit remains acquired
  • In case of cancellation less than 72 hours before, the deposit remains acquired and we reserve the right to demand the balance of the amount of the accommodation
  • If the customer does not come before 8 pm the day planned, the present contract is cancelled by rights and we can rent the rooms
  • In case of shortened stay, the amount of the accommodation remains entirely acquired

by the Owner 

When before the beginning of the stay, the owner cancels the stay, he has to inform his customer. The customer will immediately be  paid off.

5/ Change of rooms

Without the customer can take advantage of no compensation, we save ourselves the possibility of changing the room initially booked by a room of the same category or the superior category. In such a case, the cost of the reservation remains unchanged.

6/ Arrival

The customer must arrive on the day specified when booking between 5 pm and 8 pm. If he is forced to arrive after this time slot, the customer must imperatively call by phone at 06 03 91 18 78.

7/ Departure

The departure hour is fixed at 11 am


  • Only guests can stay in the property and take the host table.
  • It is forbidden for people staying or staying to invite outside people.
  • Respect for a certain lifestyle is required of all guests to ensure the tranquility of the place and the comfort of all guests. Children living in Buffière’s Mill are under the sole responsibility of their parents.
  • Pets are not allowed in the property. No derogation possible.
  • All the indoor spaces are non-smoking. Outside you will find ashtrays to throw your butts, thank you for using them.

9/ Forgotten object

Any object forgotten during a stay (phone charger, shoes, teddy bear, toy …) can be returned to the owner with prior payment of shipping costs.

10/ Responsibilities

SAS Moulin de Buffière gives evidence to be covered by a third-party insurance, for an activity of hosts’ house with guest table and to put at the disposal bicycles for the customers, covering its responsibility and those of the other accommodated people.

When you will borrow a bicycle, we shall ask you to sign a loan agreement.

11/ Modification of the general terms and conditions

The present terms of sale are modifiable at any time without advance notice. The acceptance and the respect for these terms of sale are considered acquired from the payment of the deposits.

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