In the current particular context, here are the health measures that we have adopted to make your stay with us as pleasant and safe as possible for your health.

Common areas and services

  • The common area near the swimming pool is closed for guests. You must use the toilet and shower in your room. It could be open for a group or members of a whole family
  • Tourist documentation is no longer self-service but only on request
  • The pétanque ground is accessible, please arrange between you to use it in turn. 
  • We can lend you bikes, ask for them. Saddles and handlebars will be disinfected after each user

Pool area

  • The swimming pool is open (10 am / 2 pm and 5 pm / 8 pm – for a group: 10 am / 8 pm). We are counting on your responsibility to use it in a reasonable way and not all at the same time.
  • The deckchairs are regularly disinfected, we ask you to always use the same ones and to put your pool towel on them before sitting down.
  • Access to the pergola lounge is reserved for groups only.


  • We can no longer offer you the traditional guest table, but only take-away meals that you will consume in a room made available to you.
  • Breakfasts are served from 8:30 am to 10 am in individual tray or in buffet for group or members of the same family

Health measures

  • Hydroalcoholic gel is available in various places in the house, we encourage you to use them or wash your hands with soap as often as possible.
  • The rooms are disinfected between each occupant. We use a virucide to the required standards. Cushions, magazines, books have been stored.
  • The recoating pass every 3 days is deleted. In the event of an extended stay, you will be asked to change the sheets we provide.
  • The common areas are disinfected by spraying regularly with special attention to door handles, handrails, chairs, switches
  • We do not impose the wearing of a mask, but we recommend it outside the family circle. If you don’t have any, we can provide, just ask us

Respecting these rules is giving yourself a chance to stop this scourge that affects us all?
We count on your civility so that everything takes place in a friendly atmosphere and with respect for everyone!

Please understand that we are sorry to have to restrict your freedom to come and go, but it is the health and well-being of all

Despite all of our attention to countering the virus, we cannot be held responsible for any contamination beyond our control. In case of breach of these health rules on your part, we reserve the right to interrupt your stay without you being able to claim any compensation.

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